web-logoWe at St. Xavier’s School Bharni Bilaspur follow the motto “Education for All” following our motto we are giving admission to underprivileged students under RTE Act in collaboration with the government schemes to fulfill the mission of “padhega India to Badhega India”

We on our part organize camps at village and panchayet levels, organizing counseling session where our teachers and students join hand in hand to create awareness among the rural part.Informing them about the importance of education. Not only this our teachers go to primary school (Government) to take classes with the motive of creating enthusiasm among the children for education, making them understand the importance of being literate.

The chief architect of the school Dr.G.S.Patnaik states that education is not  confined to text books to make the students simply a crammer, but it possesses a wider scope to bring out one’s inner talents to good exposure and develop the skills and courage to stand up for oneself against all future endeavor.

It is the kind of education which can fetch the learner all round development in physical, psychologies and intellectual sense. Since a healthy mind in a healthier body is sharper and more receptive, we aim at conducting a number of a activities, so as to enrich  the psychological aspect of students.

English being the accepted global language and a window to imbibe thoughts from all the advanced nations and also to communicate our ideology to them, we put lot of emphasis on spoken, writer and use of correct jargon, together with a development of communication and writing skills.

We at our level put in lot of efforts for the mission of literate India which is laid by our honorable Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi.

We ware and we are all for the mission and motto that is “education for all”



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