The school takes pride in closely monitoring the educational and emotional well-being of each and every student. The school takes such excellent care of the children that the word “home sickness” ceases to exist in their vocabularies. The school has separate, well furnished rooms for boys and girls. They are aesthetically designed with optimum convenience. The rooms in hostels are strategically located to ensure that the children have easy access to the class rooms and the dining hall. Each dormitory is run under the care of a dorm-master who keeps a close watch on the physical health and academic progress of the students. A matron-in-charge supervises the other routine work
regarding cleanliness and laundry. Making boarding fun are the week end outing, excursion and in-campus activities like games, dance and different competitions.


1. A list of articles should be pasted on the inside lid of the trunk and a duplicate copy handed over to the Matron.
2. The school cannot arrange for the safe keeping of any valuables, therefore it is desired that the student does not bring any expensive items (eg. jewellery, cell phones, MP3s/4s, Video games, cassette players, walkmans, transistors, costly pens or watches) with him / her.
3. No pocket money should be given to the children. They will have a book account with the school office, and expenses if any (e.g. tuck purchase) would be charged to parents at the end of the term. Cash left over from the journey from home to school should be handed over by the students to the resident dorm parent immediately on entry into the dorm. The cash shall be credited to the student’s personal account. The withdrawal of money would be monitored and controlled for obvious reasons.
4. Any expensive item or cash, if found with the student thereafter, shall be confiscated and donated to charity.
5. For any child under treatment prior to admission, medicines sent by parents will be administered by the consultant doctor/ resident nurses. Prescriptions must accompany all medicines. No child will be permitted to keep medicines in the dormitory .

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